selected works

Opera and music-theatre:

DON’T BREATHE A WORD   2011  Act 1  - 60 minutes

LONELY SITS THE CITY  2009  opera for solo soprano and computer  30 minutes. The Electric Voice Theatre, The Junction, Cambridge, May 2009

DAUGHTERS OF SARAH   2006 Scena for solo soprano and electronics, based on music from Abraham On Trial  16 minutes

ABRAHAM ON TRIAL 2005  opera for five singers and computer    85 minutes. The Electric Voice Theatre, The Junction, Cambridge May 2005

JACKIE K  1991  mini-opera for solo mezzo-soprano 10 minutes. Jackie Horner at the Performing Arts Opera Workshop at Bore Place, Kent. Broadcast BBC Radio 4 (Kaleidoscope August 1991)

Ensemble with electronics / computer:

UNKNOWN TERRORS 2000  cello, keyboard and electronics 30 minutes. Commissioned by Sonic Arts Network with funds from ACGB. Judith Mitchell, Clive Williamson and the composer, Huddersfield, March 2000. Broadcast, Radio 3 (Hear and Now) April 2000.

FROM THE EARTH 1999  trumpet, sax, percussion, computer 30 minutes. Anthony Aarons, Tim Palmer, Joshua Kemp,Cambridge Digital Arts Festival, June 1999.

VOYAGE  1997   large ensemble and electroacoustic music       21 minutes. Commissioned by the Michael Vyner Trust. The London Sinfonietta, Martyn Brabbins, QEH, Southbank Centre, London, April 1999.

WILDFIRE 1991   violin, marimba and electroacoustic music       14 minutes. Commissioned by Sonic Arts Network, with funds from the ACGB. Marimolin, Purcell Room, May 1991. Broadcast Radio 3 (Music in Our Time), Swedish Radio, 1991

SONATA 1989   flute, cello, piano and electroacoustic music 7 minutes. Commissioned by the National Centre for and Electroacoustic Studio. Tim Mason, Catherine Edwards, Ileana Ruhemann,  Ian Dearden, Purcell Room on 2nd June 1989 

Solo Instrument with electronics / computer:

THE COLOUR OF SADNESS  2003  soprano saxophone and sampler    16 minutes. Composed for Damien Royannais. Mumford Theatre, Cambridge, December 2003, then Limoges, France, February 2004.

RICERCARE  2002 keyboard and sampler 13 minutes. Commissioned by SoundIntermedia with fund provided by PRS. Clive Williamson, Sound Intermedia, The Warehouse, London December 2002

ICARUS  2001 clarinet and computer 13 minutes. Commissioned by Gareth Davis. Gareth Davis and the composer,Trinity College of Music, London, February 2001

WRESTLING AN ANGEL  1998  violin and electroacoustic music. 12 minutes. Egidius Streiff, Cambridge Digital Arts Festival, July 1998.

THE BRONZE HORSEMAN 1997  trumpet and electroacoustic music. 17 minutes. Anthony Aarons, Cambridge, June 1997.

JACOB DREAMING 1993 violin and electroacoustic music. 13 minutes. Composed in the Studio für elektronische Musik, Basel (funded by Groupe de Musique Expérimentale de Bourges). Egidius Streiff, Giessen, Germany, May 1996.

ERINYES  1992 charango and electroacoustic music. 6 minutes. Commissioned by Sonic Arts Network. Agustin Fernandez, Purcell Room, London, May 1992. Broadcast, Swedish Radio May 2000.

Instrumental - solo and ensemble:

BEAUTY AND SECRETS  2010  (flt, clt, perc, piano, vln, vlc) 12 minutes Psappha, Princeton Feb 2011

FOUR PRELUDES  2007  solo piano 9 minutes

A BOOK OF BEASTS (SCORPION) 2007  solo marimba 4 minutes

 A BOOK OF BEASTS (L’ICORN) 2007 solo viola 4 minutes 

A LITTLE NOTEBOOK  2006  string quartet 8 minutes. The Fitzwilliam String Quartet, July 2009

DESCRIBING THE WORLD  2002  string orchestra - Commissioned by Cambridge Strings 25 minutes

FANTASY 1986  solo piano 8 minutes.  Jeffrey Goldberg, Caxton Studios, London 1986

Audio pieces and Compositions for tape / computer only:

IT WAS A SUNDAY MORNING 2007 Composed for the Cambridge Film Consortium Intergenerational Project  7 minutes

HERITAGE COAST AUDIO PROJECT 2006  audio piece commissioned by PVA 18 minutes

ARE YOU THERE? 2004  surround-sound installation piece. 7 minutes. Composed at the PVALAB at IDAT, Plymouth University 

THE COLOUR OF THE DEEP BLUE SEA 2004  computer composition. 9 minutes

THE LYRE OF THE WEST WIND  1990 electroacoustic composition, 12 minutes. City University Electroacoustic Festival, February 1991

Solo Vocal Music:

THREE POEMS BY MIROSLAV HOLUB  2008  mezzo-soprano and piano. For Olivia Ray, to be performed at King’s College, Cambridge in November 2008 in remembrance of Professor Peter Lipton 

AND THE HEART CRACKED  1998  soprano (trumpet) and piano. 30 minutes. Five Poems by Primo Levi. Commissioned by Beth Shalom Reform Synagogue, Cambridge. Gabrielle Fisher, Daniel Becker, Anthony Aarons. Pembroke College, Cambridge, April 1998.

OPHELIA 1989 mezzo-soprano and piano   12 minutes. Words by Georg Heym. Commissioned by the Park Lane Group. Adèle Paxton and Caroline Dowdle, Purcell Room, London, January 1990

Choral Music:

LET ME NOT TO THE MARRIAGE OF TRUE MINDS 2004  satb choir 7 minutes, Gonville and Caius College Chapel, July 2004

MAGNIFICAT and NUNC DIMITTIS 1999  satb choir and organ. 11 minutes, English Baroque Choir, St James Piccadilly, London, December 1999.

IN CIRCLES  1988  20 minutes  a capella double chorus with solo voices

Theatre, dance and art / photography collaborations:

2009 Hotbed Festival (Menagerie)

2008 Hotbed Festival (Menagerie)

2008 CORRESPONDENCE (Menagerie)

2008 FRA NEWBERY photography / audio project for PVALAB Bridport, Dorset

2005 Sounding Voices Visual arts and sound project with Caroline Wright, Ely Cathedral

2005 Gaugleprixtown (Menagerie) 

2004 Two Into War  (Menagerie)

2004 Hotbed Festival  (Menagerie)

2003 The War Monologues (Menagerie)

2001 Michelle and the Landlady (Menagerie)

2000 Macbeth  (Headway)

2000 The Yellow Boat  (Menagerie / Cambridge Drama Centre)

2000 Working Together  Dance project with the Medici String Quartet

2000 Beneath the Surface  Community Theatre project (Classworks Theatre Company)

1999 Visions in a Dream  Community Theatre Project (Coleridge Theatre Group)

1998 The Lion in Judah Community Theatre Project (Cambridge Community Theatre)

1995 The Death of Ivan Illyich (Cambridge Experimental Theatre)

1995 Birds (Aristophanes) (The Cambridge Greek Play)

1994 Complex  (Watson and Co)

1992 How Far Can You Go?  (Watson and Co)

1992 Justified  (Entourage)

1992 Hippolytus  The Cambridge Greek Play

1991 Reflections  (Watson and Co)

1991 Something Wicked  (Glance Askance)

Film, Video, television and moving image:

2010 WRECKERS (2011  - Dictynna Hood)


2007 INTERGENERATIONAL PROJECT  (Cambridge Film Consortium)

2005 The Library (Cambridge University Moving Image Studio)

2004 Light   - documentary (Idit Nathan)

2004 The Corridor    drama (Zoe Neirizi)

2003 Cambridge MIT CMI  documentary (CUMIS)

2003 Partnership and Profit   documentary (CUMIS)

2002 CMI   documentary (CUMIS)

2001 Bluesky   video short (CUMIS)

2001 Unitarians  documentary (CUMIS)

2001 Unilever Building documentary (CUMIS)

1999 Cambridge Futures documentary  (Metaphorm)

1999 Chasing the dragon  documentary  (CUMIS)

1995 Small War  drama (Dictynna Hood for Channel 4)

1993 Encounter  drama ( Andrew Bampfield)

1992 A Diplomat in Japan   documentary (Christopher Ralling BBC 2, Timewatch)

1992 The Taming of the Shrew  drama (Dictynna Hood)