“Andrew Lovett’s marvellously expressive vocal writing... was superbly realised by the five members of the Electric Voice Theatre Karis Mckee Opera Magazine, August 2005

... ‘in the concert I sampled, the attention was caught by a new name, Andrew Lovett, who wrote a melodically memorable and harmonically convincing setting of Georg Heym’s Ophelia poems.’ - Nicholas Kenyon in The Observer, January 1990

“... displayed that rare gift of being able to write really convincing fast music. His musical idiom was tough, trenchant and individual and his gauging of points of repose in the structure absolutely exact.” - Meiron Bowen, The Guardian March 1988

Image: James Meek and David Shepard in the 2005 Electric Voice Theatre production of ABRAHAM ON TRIAL (photo by Noam Harris (2005)